My Story

Mayda's Journey:
From Single Motherhood to Unique Treasures

My story is one of resilience, passion, and the enduring beauty of jewelry. I am Mayda, the heart behind Unique Treasures by Mayda, and my journey here is as multifaceted as the pieces I curate, marked not only by the joys and challenges of single motherhood but also by my triumphant battle as a three-time cancer survivor.

Born and raised in New Jersey since 1965, my life was surrounded by bustling streets and vibrant life. In 1995, I embarked on a new chapter, moving southward to Florida, seeking warmth and solace where the sun and sea meet. For 38 years, my professional life was rooted in the medical field, an experience that provided me with invaluable insights, particularly as I navigated my own health battles. Yet, it was my role as a single mother, raising two children without family support, that truly honed my resilience and strength. These trials laid the groundwork for what would become the foundation of Unique Treasures.

The most significant twist in my tale unfolded in 2006 when my health took a turn, and I was confronted with cancer. This challenge forced me to step away from my career but also opened a new world to me. Confined to my home but never to be defeated, I found solace and excitement in the world of fine jewelry. This wasn’t just a hobby; it became a lifeline, connecting me to the legacy of the women in my family, who were all connoisseurs of exquisite jewelry.

As a single mother and cancer survivor, my time was once solely devoted to nurturing and providing for my children and overcoming health challenges. However, as they grew and found their paths, and as I emerged stronger from each battle with cancer, I discovered the freedom to follow my own dreams. My days were filled with explorations through auctions and estate sales, not just in sunny Florida but globally. Each piece of jewelry I discovered was not just an item of beauty but a testament to my journey – a journey of a single mother and a brave survivor turning dreams into tangible, shimmering reality.

Today, Unique Treasures by Mayda is more than a collection of jewelry; it’s a tapestry of my life’s trials and triumphs. Each handpicked, unique piece carries a story of resilience, beauty, and the pursuit of passion against all odds. As I share these treasures with you, I invite you to be part of a journey that goes beyond aesthetics. It’s a journey of empowerment, elegance, and the joy of discovering a treasure that resonates not just with your style but with your spirit and journey through life.

Mayda S.

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